Controlled color access or B&W printer with scanner

Looking for an all in one printer (need color scanning).

Could be color or B&W, but I would like the ability to control the access to color printing off/on or turn it off altogether the majority of the time webhotelli. I only print about 20 color pages per year. Handy when I need it but not a deal breaker.

20 per year? Don’t buy inkjet. They tend to block if not used regularly. Go for a laserprinter and save the disappointment.

At least, after buying three inkjet printers last year, that’s my experience…:grinning:

For only 20 pages a year, I’d send the files to a local office supply store or other printer and have them do it. Let them buy the ink and maintain the printer.


I ended up with a simple laser printer for the b/w and scanning with my phone.
If one of my children needs a colorprint, I tell them to go to the local printshop, as well…