Contrast of imported PNG much more dark in LayOut


I imported a topographic map (PNG) into SketchUp. It looks good there, but it’s very dark when displayed in LayOut (as shown below).

Any suggestions on how to make the contrast lighter in LayOut?





Do you have your view of the imported image tilted? The only way I was able to duplicate what you were seeing was by tilting the camera view.

Hey @ChrisDizon,

Thank you for looking into this issue. I’m eager to learn all the intricacies and best-practices of SketchUp and LayOut, so I appreciate your assistance with the investigation.

I confirmed that the SketchUp scene that uses the imported image is not tilted. I selected Top view and Parallel Projection to create the scene, so it should be looking straight down. When I go into LayOut and manually orbit within the view port, the contrast is consistently dark, regardless of the angle of tilt.

The topography png is saved on my computer as Topography, Lot 68 (png). Could this use of parentheses be causing a problem.

Perhaps there are some other pertinent details I should mention. 1). The image is a component within the SketchUp model. To achieve this I imported it into SketchUp, then I drew a line, selected the line and the image, made them both into a single component, then I used edit component to delete the line, making only the topography the component. It’s simply named Topography.

Then I put the Topography component on a layer named 01 A - Topography. Then I locked it. The scene featured is named 01 B - Top, parallel projection, topo.

The scene looks clean in SketchUp, but then when I call the scene in LayOut, it has that dark contrast.

When I import only the original png into LayOut, it has the proper contrast.

Not sure how to proceed. I could start over from scratch.

Chris probably meant just this. You should be looking at the image directly from above. Have you set your LayOut viewport to reference the scene you made, or is it displaying the “Last saved SketchUp view”?

Post the LayOut file if you can - you will get many people to look at your problem.
Using parentheses and other “reserved” characters is a bad habit in file names, but it shouldn’t have anything to do with this problem.



It has something to do with Styles. I will continue to investigate but in LayOut here is your quick fix:

  1. Select your model viewport and open the Style section of the SketchUp Model dialog
  2. Click an alternate style and then click back to the original style.
    Result: This should reset to the original style and correct the grey issue.


Awesome, thanks Chris.

Mike P. Abell