Contour lines not copying, other lines are

CAD Topo.skp (6.5 MB)

I successfully uploaded and scaled this survey which was in CAD and when trying to import or copy it to another SU or LO file, all the trees and boundary lines copy perfectly, but I can’t get the contour lines to duplicate. The layers are not locked, everything seems fine…can’t figure it out!

The scene you had set up in the file doesn’t show the model at all. I set it up to show the model, updated the scene, saved, and sent it to LayOut. (Don’t copy from SketchUp to LayOut) This is what I got.

Selecting all and copying to another SketchUp session works as expected. Is there reason why the contour lines are more than 1300 feet above the rest of the model?

By the way, I fixed the incorrect tag usage…
Screenshot - 9_25_2021 , 4_40_29 PM

…and purged unused stuff from the file which reduce the file size by almost 87%…
Screenshot - 9_25_2021 , 4_40_56 PM

Does this behave any better for you?
CAD Topo.skp (889.2 KB)

Thank you, Dave! The key seems to have been to drop the contour lines down to the rest of the model (that was an artifact of the CAD model, I guess) and then they moved with the rest. For some reason, they weren’t ‘copying’ when I highlighted the model.

I didn’t move the contours down in the model. There really isn’t any need to have them that far above the rest of the model but I didn’t move them to get them to show in the scene or in LayOut.