Continual Bug Splat

I’m using Skechup Make 15.3.329 on Mac 10.11. I tried to copy and paste something from one file to another and ever since, the file crashes soon after I open it up. Is there a way to fix this so I don’t have to redraw the file from scratch?

If you can share the file here, someone might be able to find and fix the issue.

I’d be happy to share the file here.

Here is the file in question.

Except, it ISN’T here… Or did you PM or email it direct to Steve?

Too big to upload (over 3MB)?

If so, try uploading it to the 3D warehouse or a file sharing site like Dropbox or OneDrive or Google Drive.

The file is 3.2MB. I know how to upload it to Google Drive. How then do I
get it from there to the forum. Thanks John.

All my best from Joshua Tree,

Just copy and paste a link to the Google Drive here on the forum, the folks here can follow it.

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