Context (Rt.) click Select by "Layer" option then by "Tag" option

Working with an imported .dwg:

When I rt. click on imported geometry (line) Select…I have the option to select by All on selected LAYERS.
I select All on selected LAYERS but then click “off” geometry cancelling operation.

If I now repeat the same operation…re-select the same geometry (line) I now have the All on same TAG option.

What gives…is this normal/intended?



The top screenshot is from the extension Selection Toys and the bottom one is from SketchUp.

The correct term now is Tag, but this extension doesn’t seem to have been updated to match the new phrasing.

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As Christina indicates, you are using two different Select tools. Look closely at the context menus in your screen shots.

Aye carrrummba…puts on dunce cap…sits in corner facing wall…on a small stool…

Thanks Christina & Dave!!


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