Constants Project - Docs & Code online


I’ve finished the SketchUp constants project, all the code and documentation is online.


Download zip

Below are links for the two SketchUp 2014 docs, both of which list ‘root’ and ‘namespaced’ constants:

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2014 Constants Guide

  • The guide lists all constants, includes methods that use the constants, and has
    a few code samples
  • Most methods and objects have links back to

2014 Constants List

  • Lists of constants
  • Has information about SketchUp objects

All of the code and templates that generate the above files is online at GitHub and
(somewhat) documented at The files are completely generated by code,
with the exception of a .send_action text file that I scraped from

Please feel to contact me regardings errors, omissions, or suggestions.

If anyone would like to generate the SketchUp 2015 and 2016 files, download the zip (link above)
and check the ReadMe. I’ll be happy to add the files to the project.

Thanks, and have a good weekend,