Connecting objects, one inside another


Newbie here.

I have searched for an answer to this but no luck so thought id ask here. Im about to start create objects in sketch up free version and want to know before I start if once i have made an object can i slide it into another that I have made.

For example lets say i am creating a tube 5 inches in diamtere with a hole drilled into it 6 inches from the end. Next i create a solid rod that is 4 inches in diameter and also has a whole drilled into it 6 inches from the end. Then i would want to slide the rod into the tube so both hole marry up. Is that possible. Idealy I would then have a bolt going through the hole to connect the rod and tube.

Yes, that is very possible - with several different ways of doing it.

Yes, you can create distinct entities and combine them into larger assemblies using groups and components. When beginning with SketchUp there are a few core concepts that it’s really best to understand early to avoid frustration and confusion and to progress quicker while building good modeling habits. Check out the learning opportunities at the official SketchUp Campus.