Connect 2 Round items with a radius

Very new at sketchup and having to submit drawings to the county for a building permit.
They sent me back because my rebar was going straight and i did not use a radius going around the corner. Very hard to explain so i am attaching the model. I need to attach the ends where they stop using a radius.
Yeah Its probably going to be equally hard to tell me how to make it happen on my end…
Well my model was too big so i had to copy and paste the footer into a separate file…Footer Test.skp (113.3 KB)

The rebar that is in there is simply a push through. A hole i guess…

I can’t see your file right now but this is what I think should work. Create a path (just connecting edges) that represents the centerline of the entire (bended) rebar. So two edges and a connecting 90 degrees arc in between, tangent to both edges. Then draw a circular profile at one end of the path, perpendicular to the path.
Use the ‘Follow Me’ tool on path and profile face to create the entire rebar.

Is this what you mean?


Obviously, you would erase the construction lines and arc on completion. The arc can be any size but I chose to start opposite the cut end of your rebar for demonstration purposes.

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Thats exactly what i mean. You make it look so easy.
I cant follow along very easily, Its contusing where you put a bend that looks like it goes from the bottom of the footer to the top, right before you flip it over and draw the line. I will have to study it some.
I need classes…
The construction industry is so busy in South East Ga that getting a draftsmen is more than a month out and 3 times the cost it was a year ago. I enjoy learning new things, but this is way over my head.
I appreciate the help and will try and follow your steps when i get some quite time.

Like everything, it’s easy when you know how!

I used construction lines to determine where to start the radius. In practice, you may want a tighter bend.

Then I used the arc tool to create a 90 degree arc. The arc changes to magenta when you get to the same distance away from the corner you started with as a finish point. Then you set the arc angle. It changes to magenta again when you get to 90 degrees.

Then I selected the arc and line to describe the path, then invoked the Follow Me tool and selected the end face of your rebar. Hey presto!

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