Conform tool?

Hi everybody !

I have created a road using the SketchUp Profile Builder plugin. The road has a constant and smooth slope along its length. I would like the terrain mesh to conform to this road, not the other way around as commonly seen in tutorials (projecting a road onto the terrain). How can I achieve this in SketchUp? Here a screen

Thanks in advance

Try Sandbox > Stamp

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Thanks ! Completely what i need, mesh isn’t perfect but it’s ok

You’re welcome!
There are solutions for the mesh, but you have to provide complete information about it and what it means perfectly in your conception, if you don’t know how to edit it and want to learn. Look for Artisan and a couple other extensions.

‘mesh isn’t perfect’ - it’s not enough info.

The desired mesh can be created in such a way as to make the transition from different types of roads (concrete alleys, cobblestone alleys, etc.) to the surrounding terrain.