Configuring objects on multiple layeras/tags

About 6 years ago I took a SU class and learned how to arrange objects - all of them components - on more than one layer so if I was designing a multi-floor building I could arrange a layer with all of the columns, another layer for all the floors, another layer for all the cores, another layer for all the cladding, etc.I could also create a layer for each floor that would show the columns, floor, core and cladding for just that floor all together. I haven’t used it since then. In the interim layers became tags and I am now unable to trace the method employed to achieve that. Any help out there? Thanks.

A component can only be given one tag however it might be that in the class you were being shown to create nested objects (components/groups) so you could give layers/tags to those nests as well. You might have a parent object for all of the first floor stuff and a layer/tag for that. Inside the columns might have a “first floor columns” layer/tag and the doors miight have a “first floor doors” layer/tag.

You can still do that sort of nesting and handle tag assignment like you did for layers but you might give thought to using tag follders instead of nesting. You could create a “first floor” tag folder that contains tags such as “first floor columns”, “first floor doors”, “first floor windows”, etc. This will allow you to quickly show or hide all of the content for the first floor or only show the first floor objects you want to see.

One of the benefits of this is you don’t need to do as much nesting which makes file management easier as well as simplifying editing when that is needed.

Tag folders can have subfolders if they make sense for your work flow. Of course your structuring of the tags and tag folders can go in a lot of different directions. My example is kind of a horizontal thinking using folders by floors. You could turn that around a bit and make a tag folder for all of the columns in the building, for example and then use different tags for first, second, and third floors. It’s all up to you.

Maybe you can use scenes.

In each scene you can show or hide the intended layers/tags.

You can also rename the scenes with significant names to facilitate the selection.

Thanks. That’s a good suggestion and I’ll pursue it.


I’ll mess around with it and see if I can get it to work. Thanks for the suggestion.

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