Configure Price Quote (& Drawing) using the latest Layout API

The project is to create a price and quote solution (with basic 2D/3D drawing) for a medium sized construction company.

Ideally the workflow would be to pull excel data, then create a model based off of this info, in Sketchup. This would then automatically print out a Layout drawing, using a few basic inputs (company info, material specs. ect.).
This task I have attempted myself, but I got stuck early on in the modelling phase as my Dynamic Components ability is limited.

Sketchup is slowly becoming more resourceful with API’s and I was wondering if anyone has seen a similar solution to this problem (Quoting + Drawing, using Sketchup/Layout). If anyone can point me in the right direction as to what’s out there that would be great. Also if anyone is interested in becoming involved I am looking for a developer to work on the concept project.

Many thanks in advanced.



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