Conditional formula value in another conditional formula

Can Someone explain how to solve this issue. I want to use a component inside a component. when i use the conditional value of a parent component in the child component’s conditional formula. it’s not working. what is the mistake i am making here?

if you’re looking to obtain a parent component value, use the PARENT!attribute syntax, but in general, potentially circuitous referencing can lead to inconsistent behavours. so one method is to have a parent which has as many of the attributes and calculations needed so the child components can be simpler (i.e. only use built in attributes) or only the values needed in custom attributes which remain in the child. then figuring out the issues means fewer places to try and track down the issues in calculations even if it means a bit more work up front to keep things organized.

Lot of mistakes… I recommend you to analyze how other dynamic components are made before you start making your own.

As an example:

those are tutorials (in spanish but maybe you can put subtitles to the videos)