Components with attributes creates unique copy when attributes changed


I have set up a set of components to add in electric sockets and lights.

They have a simple set of attributes to set height above floor level, as well as number of switches/ sockets which resizes the plate and number of sockets.

when I change of the attributes- for example set the mounting height makes it a unique copy in my components browser.

which very quickly means I have loads and loads of components. which seems to defeat the point of components with attributes.

Is there a way to stop this renaming or is this just a limitation of the way components with attributes work?

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That’s normal behavior for DCs. There is a way to get around it, though. Make a component that contains the DC. Draw a temporary edge or something and select it along with the DC. Then create a component of both. Edit the component to delete the temporary entity. Now copy that component around the model as needed. To edit the DC you’ll have to open the outer component wrapper but all copies will then get changed.

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Thanks for the reply and screen grab.

Not sure I’ve quite got your work around yet, but I’ll give it another go after lunch.

If you’re listening SU team is would be good if this behaviour could be over ridden. would give us a much cleaner modelling environment and much easier to manage component library.

Simple but very effective, special for doing copies, just tried your method on 1000 copies of a DC, normally it would ground SU to a halt, yet now with the wrapper less than a 10sec, even with outliner open, a change to all is less than 10sec, And the file is small too,

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