Components reverting to previous versions possible 2021-2017 issue

Hi, I have been trying to create components to use as plant objects for a planting plan/generating reports. All going well until today when I attempted to edit the data (using the entity info) adding size data.

I make the change, save the component in my component library (via right click). I then check it works by dragging in the saved component into the same work space i saved from. Only thing is…it reverts back to the original version, to before i made the latest edit. I know it saved correctly as if i import into another document it works fine. If however the document had, at some point a previous version it changes the imported component.

I could, i suppose, take my drawing and move it to a new drawing but this seems a backwards way to go about it. I feel like i need to purge the file of all the component data or something but when i investigate there appears to be none.

If it makes any difference, my sketch up version is 2021 but i need to save all my documents as 2017 so my team can access (they are all on 2017, yes yes I know!)

Thanks in advance

I would probably start by sharing your file. It is unclear what changes you are making, so it is hard to figure out what the outcome would be.

My one question would be, are you making changes while inside the component? I do not believe that changing the size of the container will update the continent of the Component Browser.

I will see if i can share the file when i have a bit more time. Data protection issue as it stands.

The edits are just me clicking on the component to select it. the entity info box appear in top right. I fill in the ‘size’ box. I then right click the component to save (changing the file to 2017 version. Like i said. the component has been successfully edited and i can use the updated version elsewhere just not in the file made it from.