Components not displaying material!

When I paint a component, the color or material does not display on the model. It only works if I edit the components faces individually…

The strange thing is that the Entity Info shows that the component is for example “red”, but it doesn’t show red of the model itself…

What am I doing wrong? Is it a display issue? I imported the model from Revit, but it doesn’t seem to be a problem with the import itself, because if I build a new component from scratch, the same problem occurs.test.skp (274.3 KB)

Your problem is that the faces within the component context have already been coloured with a white shade. You’ll now have to enter the component, select all the faces and colour them default, then proceed to colour the components. Or just enter your materials tab and delete the colour named “auto”

The faces inside your component are painted with some other material than “Default”. When you apply a material to a component or a group, only the faces that use the Default material will display the externally applied colour.

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