"Components" is missing on some of my students' Paint Bucket

Our school district policy won’t let the students sign in to access the Warehouse under tools. We have had success accessing some of the warehouse resources under Components found when the Paint Bucket tool is open. However, some students have access to Components while others don’t. Is there a way to make Components available for those students? Thank you. John

Components in the 3D Warehouse are accessed through the Components panel, not Materials (which is opened by the Paint Bucket tool). Are you saying the Materials panel needs to be open to access the Components panel?

We use the Pro 2020 version. When they open the Paint Bucket it has entity info, materials, styles, tags, etc. For most of the students they have a components that has a drop down arrow that opens up to a 3D Warehouse search option. That’s the only way we can access the warehouse so is there a way to get components as an option under the paint bucket?

Ah… That’s different than SketchUp for Schools which is web based.

The Paint Bucket (Materials) doesn’t have all of those other panels. They are independent. On Windows the Materials panel is normally included in the Default Tray along with Entity Info, Components, Tags, Styles, etc. The user can choose to have different panels open in the tray. Selecting the Paint Bucket tool will open the Materials panel.
Screenshot - 5_24_2021 , 9_19_25 AM

On Mac there is no Default Tray. Instead, the panels are individual windows that can be selected from the Window menu. They can be docked together if the user wants. On Mac, though, the Materials panel (titled Colors) which opens when selecting the Paint Bucket tool is a separate thing and cannot be docked with the other panels.

Are your students who are reporting this problem on Macs? If so, they can go to the Window menu and select Components to have the Components panel displayed.

We are using Windows. How do they select components so then it appears in the Paint Bucket. All students can get Materials. It’s just the Components option that allows them to have access to the Warehouse.

Components do not show in Paint Bucket (Materials).

If they aren’t seeing Components in the Default Tray have them go to Window>Default Tray and select Components. The Components panel will show up probably at the bottom of the tray. They can reorder the panels in the tray by dragging their title bars up or down the tray.
Screenshot - 5_24_2021 , 9_36_01 AM

Compare my previous screenshot with this one. Notice that all of the selected panels in the menu are shown in the Tray.

Thank you so much for your support! That worked and now I can help those students gain access to the Warehouse. Take care.

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Happy to hear the problem is solved.

By the way, the panels in the tray can be collapsed by clicking on their toolbars. If the student clicks on the X at the right end, though, the panel gets removed from the tray instead. The panels can always be brought back into the tray as above.

Makes sense now. Thank you.

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