Components Changing Layers on Import

Hello! Using Sketchup Pro 2023 Desktop Version

Issue I’m running into are components changing layers on import.

Have a Site Plan master file that I’m importing several houses onto. House 4 has a layer called Wall 4A. When I import House 3 (That has no Layer called Wall 4A), one of the components changes layer to Wall 4A

Trying to figure out how to solve this. One of the solutions I was thinking of was renaming all components in House 3, are there any extensions or methods to do this?

Thank you very much for your time

if the component is assigned to a tag, then adding that component to a project will add the tag if it doesn’t exist or doesn’t match. if you have non-unique components, then adding one to the project with the tag, would/could have other components sharing the definition, now part of the tag.

Could you check if “Wall 4A” is active tag currently? The pencil icon is in which tag is activated. If true, that’s the reason. The active tag should always be “Untagged”.

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Is the geometry within the component assigned a tag? Make sure all the geometry is assign Untagged.

It looks like groups were used instead of components in the model, so there are a lot of groups that aren’t in a component that have the same name. When you then put them together they overwrite each other, create geometry, and so on.

Solution so far looks to be making everything a component, though this is still a work in progress and checking if it works

The tag Wall4A does not exist in House 1 if that helps

Share the file of you can. It’s really the only way to see what is going on.