Components are not working properly.

Hello everyone, the situation is this:

There are 2 dynamic components. when the component in the scene is one, it works well. but when I add the second component, all the settings of the second component crash … although the second component works well when it’s in the scene alone.
help me please.
I do not speak English. I am writing through an interpreter. do not be offended.
Gorizontal_panel.skp (39.4 KB)
Vertical_panel.skp (41.9 KB)

Hello @albimc and Welcome to the SU Community Forum.

Here is a link to some useful materials: DYNAMIC COMPONENT RESOURCES

Other users may also chime in with advice specifically aimed at your inquiry, but this resource may point you in the right direction.

I just took a look. I downloaded both components to separate files, then opened a new SketchUp model and loaded them into my model through the Components Tray - taking care to place them well away from each other whilst I examined them more closely. Note: Nothing crashed for me.

First, I took a look at your Component Attributes. You’ve used more custom Attributes than I would have believed possible for what is such simple geometry! Frankly, my head hurt just looking at them.

Next, I took a look at the Outliner:

Notice that you have two instances of the same subcomponent: “Vertical_karkas”. I’m not sure how you managed to insert them in two different orientations visual orientations. But perhaps you haven’t as the various formulas that refer to “parent!<something>” have different parents, one for each instance - and those parents may have different values in their <something> attributes.

So I tried editing the geometry in one of the “Vertical_karkas” instances, and since they are two instances of the same component, I expected the other one to reflect similar changes - but it didn’t.

Back to the attributes, you appear to be trying to work around issues involved in cm<–>inches conversion (based on the multiplication by 2.54 in a few places), but I can’t figure out what you really want to happen.

There’s so much weird stuff happening that I think it’s time to go back to the drawing board.

  • Make the geometry as simple as you can.
  • Don’t try to separate faces from edges - as it appears you’ve done, although I can’t discern why!
  • Do you intend for the vertical to behave differently from the horizontal, other than that they are rotated 90 degrees from each other about the green axis? If not, then you don’t need two components, just two instances of the same component with one rotated 90 degrees from the other - by hand, not in the attribute formulas.
  • Leave out any extraneous custom variables! If it’s not used in a formula you absolutely have to have - leave it out! Add them only as you discover you need them.
  • And don’t try any units conversion. Stick with one until you have the basic intended function working, then and only then worry about stuff like that.

Hope this helps!

The thing is that individually the components behave well … but when you add another component, crumble. Here’s a video. I do not know why it is so.

and conponent
Gorizontal_panel.skp (39.4 KB)
Vertical_panel.skp (40.5 KB)