Components and unique setting

Good morning,
Regarding the “unique setting” that is found after right clicking on a component, will this lock the size in for only this component and not others if copied multiple times? Are there other characteristics such as the color of the component that can’t use the unique setting? thanks

Make Unique does not lock anything. It simply creates a new definition for the component that was made unique. It’s a different component from what it originally was so edits to that one won’t affect anything else.

Will the size for the component that was made unique change previous components in the model to match it, thats what I’m trying to avoid.

No. That’s what I told you. Using Make Unique will separate the component from others in the model.

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After making the scaled component unique, you can also use the Scale Definition function so any further copies of it dragged from the Component Browser will retain the new scaled size.

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Which means the previous components of the same type will not be affected if one of them was made unique, right?

Right. Why don’t you just try it?

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thanks. that was another option I’ve been using for a forest landscape. I’m trying to diversify the trees, so that as numerous objects are added and changed in the process, the previosus work isn’t undone and then a lot of wasted time and work

thanks, thats one option and the definitions scales was the second option, but wasnt sure if this would make the component unique to save time