Components acting like groups

City View 3D Collection Components.skp (607.0 KB)

This is the file that I am having trouble with. Some of the components are acting like components and some are not.
The cushions are working like they should, the the furniture is not.
Thanks for any help.

Which furniture? Some of the pieces only have one instance in the model space. How are you trying to modify them?

I am sending them to a landscape designer. They want components so they can easily change cushion colors.
I was just testing to make sure things where working correctly, the one armed, R and L, module and the corner module in two places are copies and should be acting like components

So this is just about adding materials/colors? The corner modules have the dark gray color appled to the faces. Face materials override materials applied to the component containers. So the pink material applied to the component container won’t show.

If you remove the dark gray color from the faces inside the component, the color applied to the component container will override the default material.

The single armed L and R pieces have the dark gray material applied to the container, not the faces.

If you apply the material to the container instead of to the faces, though, you’ll have to paint every instance. You’ll only get the component behavior if you edit a component instance and paint the faces inside.

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