Component Window Discrepancy?

Not sure what I’m missing here. I have a whole lot of these hub timber plate components in my model. The attached image clearly shows the definition name in the ‘Entity Info’ window, yet it does not appear in the ‘Component’ window where it should… or anywhere as far as I can tell. I’ve already confirmed that there are no extra spaces that would cause it to be placed somewhere else in the component list. I’ve rebooted, which didn’t make a difference.

Any help with this puzzle would be welcomed.

They are nested inside of other components. Open the Details menu (to the right of the drop down list/search window and click on Expand. Do they show up then?

Yes Dave… that’s exactly what it was. Ever since day one I’ve left that component tree on expand. I must have unchecked it by mistake when purging unused components yesterday. Thank you!!!

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Hi Dave, is that a windows thing because on my Mac and using Make 2017 I get the greater than > symbol showing before the name when the list is collapsed?

Are you looking at Outliner?

I am. I’ve only noticed the topic is for components - sorry to trouble you but thanks for taking time (again) to respond.

Then no. It’s no a Windows thing. The question was in regards to the Components panel, not Outliner.