Component Update/Relink/Unlink/Purge selection ability

LayOut have ability to check referenced resources (*.skp, *.jpg, etc.) to Update/Relink/Unlink/Purge.

But SketchUp have only [Purge unused] for referenced resources (Component).

I can [Replace] Component one by one, but it will be usefull with LayOut way.

Components are in the SU model, so referenced might be confusing. But you can replace components in the component window…

I mean following diaglam,

LayOut have Document Setup - Reference dialog to Update/Relink/Unlink/Purge referenced SKP file.
So my feature request is same dialog for SketchUp Exported Component’s Update/Relink/Unlink/Purge.

Exported Component is simple SKP file. It is not componented but components contents only.
This feature is very usefull for complexed model. I’m using this feature to my Information Modeling Workflow to make 3D related drawing with LayOut2015 new Label tool.