Component Replacer Issue

Hi, I’m trying to prepare a model for BloomUnit by lightening the model size and reducing the complexity.
I’m following a BloomUnit suggested workflow which says:

  1. Use Clean up on Groups
  2. Convert Groups to Components
  3. Use Component Replace to create Instances of repeating geometric components

So, the model I have is a high rise which has hundreds of aluminium fins covering the lower levels. They are ‘Z’ shaped fins. Most of them are in the same alignment but a number of them have been arrayed around the curved parts of the façade.

When I use Component Replacer, it’s fine for the straight ones but it warps and modifies the geometry and rotation of those arrayed around a curve.
Should this be happening?
Is there a work around? This will take forever if I have to amend each one at a different angle independently.

It sounds like it is warping due to the instance scale properties.

There is a modification setting for ComponentReplacer that allows you to replace the component while ignoring the scale. “Press Ctrl while picking to disable scaling.”

I would try this and see if that helps resolve the issue.

Are the original Z shaped fins components or groups?


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