Component protection

Is there a way for me to protect the components I have created so another user can use them but only on one licence?

Not to my knowledge, if you do “share a component” to the warehouse or in a file. It is just that, so dont. In a sense it is open sourced. You submit your code to Git Hub to show off your work, but it is fare game for others to use, AND THE PURPOSE BEHIND IT. Sharing them as an image file they can be placed in someone else`s work but not modified or used as a time saver//short cut to get things done.

There is a guy Nick Sonders that is big with Architectural uses and has it in his client contracts only image files are submitted. Or become their property, and he retains ALL SU`s files of everything. He has some VERY GOOD WORK. He did a segment in a 3D Base Camp for Sketch Up that is on You Tube plus other in-sighted tutorials…check it out…Peace…

I wonder what kind of clients today are satisfied with that. Today typical contracts include the full BIM models for the clients to use in their FM.


In the U.S. design contracts are usually based on the type of project and the client’s needs. Construction contracts and design/build agreements sometimes may dictate that the client retain ownership or at least have license to use BIM data produced as a result of such agreement. I understand that the architect referred to runs a small design practice specializing in custom residential projects. It is unlikely that a firm such as that would consent to others having access to the firm’s specialty designs in a form that allows free appropriation.

Unless a project is a government contract or is otherwise publicly funded, most small or medium sized building projects will not require the architect to relinquish ownership of intellectual property. On projects such as these, the design firm may only provide condocs via electronically transmitted pdf formatted files. All permit documentation is usually provided in this manner or in the form of large format hard copy (paper) prints regardless of job size or client entity; however, should the client require full BIM data on a contract where such is not included as part of the basic services, models and related documentation could be provided as an additional service to the agreement.