Component options grouping parameters

Hi, is there any way to group parameters in dynamics component options window?

For example: I have 7 “cabinet doors” parameters and I want to put that in one collapsible group. Then I have 10 “cabinet panels” parameters and I want to put that in one collapsible group… etc.

maybe Ruby programing?

Thank you!

There is not a posibility within Dynamic Components
You can have ‘nested’ components with their own set of parameters that can be set in the Component Options dialog, but you have to edit the main component to reach them.

You could write a text code, have the subs search it for the relevant information
example attached, allows you to choose a sub component and change its size.
testme1.skp (104.1 KB)

there are a few examples on my warehouse page, where the dropdown value section contains formula to size to current and the resulting text is searched by the subs for any relevant values

if this is not what you want can you explain it with example?
personally I would swap the doors and panels rather than nest them, as the DC becomes large and clunky

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Huh, thanks Mike, thanks Pcmoor.

Here is my actual project that I’m working on. I’m woodworker and developing dynamic components cabinets and furniture that will make my job easier. With option for exporting material and cut list data in excel and generate order forms for suppliers. Sorry, currently is all on Croatian language. And it is all in mess, while it is still in developing mode.

Goal is to make some order in dynamic option windows, so it would be more simple and user friendly. Currently I have find the way with alphabetic order to make some sens in data. But still does not look good enough. Please check.

So what I want; example; all that starts with “FRNOTA - …” to make one collapsible group name “FRONTA”, all that starts wit "KORPUS - …"to other goroup “KORPUS”…etc.

Korpus donji policar 1 vrata.skp (3.2 MB)