Component Options dialog won't change the values when clicking on different size components

Hi there,

Why doesn’t the Component Options dialog window update the values when clicking on different sized components? It always used to until this particular model. Check out the video clip. When I click on a drawer front, I change the width to 18-1/16". The door is 17-14" wide, but when I click on it, the dialog window doesn’t update the value for it. I have to close the dialog, then right click the component again and reopen the dialog to see change in values. Weird. I am using Pro 2020, Win 10.

Oh wow, how come we can’t see the dialog box in the video? It is on top of the default tray?

I have had the options dialogue box stuck blank with no options in it no matter what DC I select a few times since 2020, restarting SU seems to fix it.

Oh, well I hadn’t tried restarting SU. I’ll give it a go and report back.

Well that fixed it! It’s working normally again. Thanks @rwamoore .

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