Component not showing in first scene that was created

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I’m trying to insert a new component/group into an existing scene- however it will shows up blank when I change scenes18-08-16 Proposed Hangar - Infrastructure - Test existing parking.skp (2.0 MB)

As per the above figure, when I highlight the component- it shows up

however when I click off the component it appears as below-

DOes anyone know of any solutions?

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style, color by material is on

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You have the edge style set to By Material and the edges painted white.

Philip looked before I did.

I also notice you are using layers incorrectly placing edges on layers other than Layer 0.

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I’m still lost, when I highlight the hidden parking and attempt to chnage the colour to black, nothing occurs. Am I missing something?

Are layers other than layer 0 just used for placing groups or components in (not edges)?

I need color by material on to demonstrate the easements present on the site

Well, then, change the color applied to the edges of that component to something other than white that will show up against the background color.

Here I’ve made them magenta. You should probably paint them black like the other edges.

Or you can edit the background color and make it something other than the same color you applied to the components.



I have highlighted all of my edges and used the paint bucket/material identifier, but when I click on it- it still doesn’t change?

Open the top level component and select the components for the individual parking space. Change the color applied to them.

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Legend. Thank you very much Dave and pcmoor.

I owe you a beer if you’re ever in AUS

Yes, as @DaveR was saying, all raw geometry should always be on layer 0. Only groups or components should be assigned to other layers. Their contained edges and surfaces need to remain on 0.

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