Component name missing in inference tool-tip

Is there a way to display in the inference tool-tip beside the object instance name as well the component name (or even the tag)? (SketchUp 2022)

Reason is, that I have often components that are reused in a house in multiple places. The component name is then for instance “Box” or “ZylinderBox”. If the box is placed on the ground floor and the first floor, then I call the instance “ground floor” and “floor 1” as an example.
In the outliner, this works perfect (even though I would like to also see the tag assigned to the object in the outliner)
But in the inference tool-tip, I only see the instance name. To identify the object, this is however not enough. Since we have the improved outliner, I do not see a reason to duplicate the component name in the instance name.
If there is no possibility to show the component name in the tool-tip today (SketchUp 2022), then I would like to have this recorded as an enhancement for a next version.