Component List Renaming

That can help (adding a model) there are some simular things about the two extensions, but certain aspects just need another approach.

Hallway cabinet.skp (879.1 KB)
Nomenclator repere - Cuier in stil Philippe.pdf (96.6 KB)
Cuier - Hallway cabinet 04.02.2022.pdf (334.0 KB)

So what you have there is the model, and then I added the 2 pdfs that we print for production, the printed versions will be distributed in the factory in the specific area, solid wood sheet to the team that prepares the wood pieces, panels sheet to the panel cutting area and the subasembly sheet to the assembly team.

The thing I lose time with (not taking in to account layout in the past, the 2022 version is, so far, brilliantly smooth and fast) is making the bill of materials the way we need it, I have to export multiple csv files that I then import back in google sheet and then I have to make a lot of manual adjustments. Thats why I need some extra functionality in Open Cut List, hopfully the guys will make time for this in the future.

Ok, some parts are actually profiles, but some are more sheetgoods with a routed profile. I guess you don’t create them with Profile builder.

Quantifier is good in reporting lengths and volumes (By Profile Members, Layers or Materials and Object) but doesn’t have a Cutting diagram possibility like OCL.

Renaming would be the quickest.
I found this post:

So, create the Solid Woods with PB3, batch rename the instances and then run the extension.

If you create a plain textfile, copy paste the code and save with the extension ‘.rb’, you can save it in the %AppData%/SketchUp/SketchUp[ 2021/SketchUp/Plugins location

Mike, I don’t need and use the cutting diagram, if you take a look at the first pdf with the list of parts (the BOM) that is the reason I use OCL, you think I can do that with Quantifier Pro?
I tried a couple of times but didn’t get it, I don’t know how to use it yet.

The fastest way is to create a component report, but first edit the settings of the report
Schermafbeelding 2022-02-07 om 09.15.22
You can save different reports for different use cases, best to start a new and uncheck all, then select the ones you want, only and adjust some settings (precision etc.)

You can also attach cost data to specific objects:


Or attach cost data to Tags, it will use the volume or surface area to calculate costs.
You can than run summary cost reports, Detailed cost reports or switch back to the original component report:


You can create a Profile Members report, also, but my guess is that you find the Component report more usefull.

Holly … Mike!
I need to play around some more with quantifier pro. This seams I can do everything I need.

Thanks a lot Mike.

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