Component Library Showing Repeats



Good Afternoon,

I’m hoping that I may be able to get some help on this one.

I have created a component library for a set of standard objects that I am using. These items were taken from the first drawing I did;

1 - I opened the original drawing, selected the items and ‘Made Component’. I then ‘Save As’d’ that component to a nominated folder.
2 - Once I had down all the various parts I needed, I closed the drawing without saving.
3 - I then opened each component file, made sure all the lines and face were on Layer 0, assigned materials to the various groups within the file, reset the Axis to the appropriate place, purged the drawing and then saved.

This was done with all the components in that folder.

Then, started a new drawing.

In Component Library, I added a new collection, navigated to the folder where all the items I needed are, and the library was updated.

The only weird thing is, for some reason each component is listed twice. I have attached a screenshot.

Stumped me.

I’m hoping someone may have some ideas.

Thank you



OK, so, I found out it also references the file with the squiggle ~ after the name (backup file?).

When I deleted these files, the repeat item in Component Library Disappeared.



Yes, on Mac SketchUp follows the UNIX tradition of marking a backup file by inserting a ~ between the original name and the “.skp” extension. Also, I can replicate your observation on my Mac. This strikes me as a bug in the Mac SU component browser in that SU should recognize its own backup files and not show them, but evidently it is just looking for “.skp” extensions. It wouldn’t happen on Windows because there SU uses the “.skb” extension for backup files.

I added the bug tag to this topic to get Trimble’s attention.


Thank you loads for the reply. Really appreciated.

Now I know, it’s no problem as I can just delate the backup for my Component Libraries.

I did that on the library that I created, and all good. Only one copy of each appearing in the Component Library.



While messing with this I noticed a behavior quirk that you could exploit to workaround this issue: At least on Mac, SU creates the backup file when you save a model to file, not when you open the file. If you do “Save As” instead, SU tells you a file with that name already exists and asks if you want to cancel or replace. If you say “replace”, SU overwrites the original file without creating a backup!

Of course, you have to be confident that you won’t need to revert to the backup (that doesn’t exist)! Also this is a workaround for a flaw that really shouldn’t happen in the first place!


That’s very useful to know. I will bear that in mind.

Hopefully this will be sorted in the near future.

Thank you again.


Alas, this isn’t the sort of bug that leads to a maintenance release, so we are not likely to see a fix until at least SU 2018 (and maybe not then if it is deemed low priority).


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