Component Instances in Reports?

Is there not a selection for Instances to be part of Reports.

Maybe a little confusing but Entity Name is the instance.

Screenshot - 12_18_2021 , 1_04_45 PM

I’m not seeing that at all - only the Definition Name appears in that field.

Are the components nested?

Yes, I have SubComponents within a ParentComponent - the Instance has been entered into the ParentComponent. You see them listed above - the SubComponents: Web, FL1, FL2 are contained within Beam.

You need to also choose the correct nesting level to report.

Just to get the Instance information from the Highest level?
Result with Nesting Level = 2:

I believe you are using the same file as the DC was created. For the instance to work the DC file needs to be loaded from a source. (external reference?)

Can I give you some advice with DC builds?

Sure - I started SketchUp from day one and mostly just modeled with it (2 billion dollars of AEC in my career). I then had to move to being a BIM Manager and now trying to apply the same techniques to SketchUp. So any “advices” would be appreciated.