Component import source file type

I have import stl file into su. And it will generate component automatically.
Can I get those information(like this component is imported from stl file) throw c api?

Function SUComponentDefinitionIsInternal can retrieves a flag indicating whether the component definition was created inside the current SketchUp model or whether it was added from another. But I want to know more detail informations(like file type before imported).

There are so many faces in this component. Maybe more than thirty thousand.
It’s stl format(like mesh) before import.
In su, actually it’s brep format after import.
So, it’s interesting.

With the Ruby API the component’s definition has a path property from where it was loaded.

Perhaps the C API has an equivalent function ? … this looks it …

Thanks, Dan. It could solve part of my problem.

What would knowing the import filetype do for you once the geometry was inside SketchUp ?