Component / group information, BIM light


Wants to put information on components / groups.
I have a model where I want detailed information on windows, doors, walls etc.
For example a window should contain, manufacturer, color code, size, firerating etc.
Let’s call it easy BIM.
How can I do this?


You can apply any attribute you want to a component by using the Dynamic Component Attributes window (Pro Only)
Window > Component Attributes

As an option, you can expose the values through the Dynamic Component Options window
Window > Component Options

Attributes and their values will be included in the Generate Report export.




Next question.

Let’s say that the model now is full of information and I will use it in reality.
I wish to download the model to an ipad, “walk” around inside / outside the building and klick on a component / group to get the information that I have inserted.
Is it any way I can do that?

Not sure if it yet meets your needs, but have you looked at the SketchUp mobile viewer?

Yes I have, but I can’t click on components and groups to get the information that I need.

Here is an example how I wish to use my model. The first image is an example of information I may have in the component / group, second image is BIMx (ipad app) from Graphisoft ArchiCAD.
I do not know what kind of files I can open in BIMx (.skp .ifc .3ds etc.)
Tekla (Trimble) has BIMsight Note and Field3D but do not know if these can be used.
It is much easier to klick on the ipad to find out what kind of glass it’s in the window than browse the documentation in a binder :smile:
Nice if someone can help me with this.