Component definition warnings when right clicking on selected component

I’m using Sketchup 2014 Make via VirtualBox. When I right click on a selected component I get a ComponentDefinition warning (yellow triangle) and two others. This keeps me from copying, pasting, pasting in place components. The attached picture shows the first warning.

Any ideas what is causing this?

I can’t read the text of the the error. Perhaps you could copy and paste the exact text or make a screen shot of just the error. Could you share the SKP file? If it is an issue with the model, we should be able to reproduce it.

The three warnings are attached. Do I need to post them in the forum as

This happens with any model I create, so I don’t think the .skp file will help

did you do a forum search for VirtualBox…

I believe it’s not supported and other have had issue when trying to run from one…


I did a forum search for VirtualBox and elsewhere, followed several posts,
but could not find anything that addresses this issue.

the warning may mean it can’t open the path stored for the Component…

if, for example, you don’t have full read/write permissions for the Component folder…

maybe adding a failing skp could help pinpoint the issue…


I have VirtualBox with 2014, and I pasted a component just fine. That’s all you’ll get out of me, because it looks like you have a bunch of extensions loaded on an unsupported platform, so I think your expectation level is a bit high.

Make sure you have the latest updates of all Ruby extensions.

Turn off all extensions, but the Dynamic Components extension. Does the issue still occur ?
If so update Dynamic Components. If not trun on extensions one by one testing until you find the culprit.

I unchecked all extensions except dynamic components exited and relaunched Sketchup - the error still occurred. Next I went to the ruby console and typed


Exited and relaunched and the error is gone. So now I will get updates and turn the extensions on one by one.

Thank you for your help. Is there a way I mark this as solved?

If you’re the thread starter, you’ll have an extra icon at the bottom on the far left (the check box). Everyone else gets those icons without the checkbox. Ah, you found it!