Component copy not cut-out in surface

Hi there, I created a component that binds to any surface and creates the cut-out in it (I’m working with the german version so I don’t know the exact wording in english). For example I create a recessed downlight that I can place in the ceiling.

Everything works fine, but when I try to copy the component to create a range of downlights, all the copies aren’t cut out - the cutting only works when I drag the component manually into my scene - which is pretty annoying as I cant place it exactly in a row then.

Am I doing sth. wrong or is this a bug?

Any hints or advice greatly appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

best regards

The Move tool is especially in this case very picky about where you pick to start your move. If your pick point is not on the surface to be cut, the copies might end up slightly misaligned. If I remember right, the copies also cut a hole only in the same face as the original.

you can place the cutting component within another cutting component so when the copies of child are made within the parent, the parent cutting envelopes the area

a cut within a cutter.skp (17.9 KB)

if you select the inner (child) then copy array the parent will accommodate the cuts

this is the basis for a cutting dynamic component

Here’s a quick demo showing it does work, so I think we need to see your model to perhaps spot what is going wrong.

Cutting Comp