Component Confusion

I am working on a model with a few levels of nested components. (Sorry, can’t post it)

What does it mean when you select one instance of a component and ALL instances are highlighted.

I’m lost in a chaos of nested components!

I suggest adding a shortcut for view/component Edit/hide similar components to toggle their visibility.
having tons of similar components may quickly be hard to deal with

hide similar

here is how I toogle on/off their visibility if I have to modify one of them with a “clear” screen

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A group is a unique collection of objects.
A component can have more than one instance inserted into the model.
If you edit a component-instance, then all of its ‘siblings’ are affected too.
If you want to edit just the one instance, then select it, right-click > make unique, then edit it and only that one instance will be changed.
Any component that you ‘make unique’ is renamed with a suffix - e.g. xxxx#1
So you can spot its original…