Component axis

how do I move a component’s axis to a new location whilst keeping the current orientations correct. SU always wants me to place the axis upside down ie blue pointing down for some reason

The component axis I think follows the global axis (outside the component), and you just have to move the cursor to orient the blue (Z) axis as you want. It should work…

Basically you choose how it is orientated. You click to set the point, then again to set one axis, then the other.

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Look to the Status Bar as you’re placing the axes.
Notice the Alt key enables you to choose which axis is set first.

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After you pick the new location for the axis origin, keep the cursor in that same spot while you click two more times to keep the previous axis directions.

  • 1st click = place origin
  • 2nd click on origin = keep red default
  • 3rd click on origin = keep green default

Or in other words, triple click where you want to new origin to be.


Thanks :o)

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