Component Attributes - Where is the info stored?

Hi Guys,
I am at my wits end trying to find where the info for a components attributes is stored.
I have a component (a brace) that I didn’t create, when I bring the component into my sketch up and have a look at the component Attributes it shows the brace as 2.5m x 1.0m with a weight and cost in the custom attributes, which is perfect. But I cant find where this info is stored as I need to update it… If I open the component up from the component library, it is made up of groups and has no components within it. I have looked at every group in the component attribute window but nothing has this info tagged to it…
Im at a loss as to where this info is located in the component file, could anyone please point me in the right direction for updating the component attributes.

Thanks in advacne…

Did you try the Window > Component Options dialog?

If they show in the Component Attributes dialog, they are in an AttributeDictionary named “dynamic_attributes”

Search the Extensions Warehouse for one of the Attribute Inspector extensions.

Yeah, but there are no components that make up the component?,
It only becomes a component when it is inserted into a new drawing from the components library…

Dynamic Attributes are moved to Model attributes in that case (when a DC is saved-out then opened.) Use one of the attribute inspectors to view the model attribute dictionary named “dynamic_attributes”

Hi Jim,
What is a attribute inspector? and how does it work?


Why not just import the component and use the DC dialogs?

Hey Jim,
Sorry, I’m pretty new to the software, what are the DC dialogs?.. where are they located within the software?


Hi Jim,
I found an attribute inspector as you suggested and yes, all the info is in there.
This has been driving me nuts for weeks, so thank you so so much for your assistance.

Have an awesome day…

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