Completely unusable now

I can’t download files anymore and that Eneroth “Download Newer Files” extension doesn’t work. My work relies heavily on interior design and small details to make things look lived-in and without the ability to populate my models with things from the Warehouse, the software is all but useless now.

Thanks, Sketchup. Super cool.

I’m sorry, your ‘Work’ relies on the free not for commercial use version of sketchup!


What is preventing you , to use a browser, download the models in question as Collada file and import it to your design?

There is no such an extension, the proper name is “Eneroth Open Newer Version”

See post from Box above.


This is probably the reason why Trimble doesn’t release new versions of SketchUp Make.


This is rich. You’re violating the EULA by using SketchUp Make in your work and you’re complaining about the change to the 3D Warehouse. Dezmo gave you an option for getting components from the 3D Warehouse but you should do the right thing and get a license to SketchUp Pro. Then you could go on using the 3D Warehouse like you’ve done.