Compatible Hardware

Excuse me im new for this things and i want to buy laptop for my gf because her laptop is already so slow… shes only work with laptop so i think it also used for rendering on Sketchup 2017 and autocad

I already ask her mainly she work with biggest file of 280-290mb

  1. Asus zenbook ux430un…
  • Intel i7 8550U
  • MX 150 2GB
    -16 gb ddr4 memory
  1. Xiaomi netbook pro
  • Intel i7 8550U
  • MX 150 2GB
  • 8 gb ddr4 memory
  1. Macbook Pro 2017 with lowest configuration
  • i5
  • iris plus
  • 8 gb memory

Please help with your suggestion…

Any input will be appreciated…



a high-clocked intel i5/i7 (preferably a non-mobile quad core version),
a dedicated GeForce GT(X) (not an integrated as intel HD),
8-16 GB RAM and
a SSD as system medium
and you’re resp. she will be fine.

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