Compatibility with CAD 2012

Hello SketchUp users. I am a long time user and want to upgrade to SketchUp pro but need it to be compatible with CAD 2012, since my business partner has that version. Any words of wisdom?

Maybe someone know the answer right off hand but if you upload a 2012 version of a .dwg I’m sure someone will test it out for you.

Is CAD 2012 AutoCAD?

It seems there’s a SketchUp importer for AutoCAD:

If you use SketchUp 2017 you can Save As to make a 2015 version that can be imported using that AutoCAD add-on.

I see that add-on may need a more recent version of AutoCAD.

You can export out of SketchUp to lots of file types. Here is what I got from the pull down for DWG and DXF:

Note that not all geometry types are supported…

You might wanna check this,also:

AutoCad 2012 uses the version 2010 file format. SketchUp can import that. You can export from SketchUp to the version 2010 format or older, and AutoCad 2012 can open it.

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