Compass absent from geolocation window

When I want to geolocate a terrain (upload it using sketchup built-in button), the window opens and I can use the pins to determine the area I want to grab, but I can’t rotate the map because the compass is not there there. All I can do is zoom in or out. Any thought on that someone?

No. As I told you in your post at Sketchucation, this is normal behavior. North is always up. There’s never been a compass or an option to rotate the image in the GeolocationYou can always orbit the camera around to look in a different direction once the image is imported into SketchUp.

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sorry Dave, but I recall there was a compass [on the mac version] before v13…

I wrote a tutorial [somewhere] and clicked on the north/south/east/west arrows to move to and grab the next section…

possibly it changed with a move to google maps API…


My error. I should have said there’s been no compass since they dumped the Google Earth API.

Allright, so I have to forget the compass. I’ll orient the image that I grabbed in SU then, using either the rotate tool or by changing the axes. The only problam is that I can’t seem to be able to crop that image to make it a square again that is parallel to my main axis. Probably not using the right tool to work on that image. I can’t grab it or use the pencil tool on it. Thank you for your answers by the way, very appreciated!