Comparing the text strings using IF function without EXACT Function

1.Is it possible to compare the two attribute values of the DC using IF function, without EXACT function? ( Output of Logical Statement)

#RH_Panel component Attribute

Factory_Check=IF(EXACT(parent!Finish_Shutter_Outside, parent!Finish_CarcassOutside), Concatenate(parent!Factory_Check," Set "), 0)
  1. Also how to compare the output of a logical statement with another attribute value using IF Function.
#Bottom Panel
Factory_Check = IF(EXACT(parent!Finish_Shutter_Outside,RH_Panel!Factory_Check), Concatenate(parent!Factory_Check," Set "), 0)

I am unclear on what you are trying to accomplish, could you post the DC, or give a bit more info?

thanks. I did it.

Attached herewith the skp file,
I want to achieve the following
if one of the side panel finish i.e Right or Left matches to the Shutter finish, it should mark has minifix in the report- Factory Check Columncabinet.skp (1.0 MB) . (for right panel or Left panel, whatever matches)
And second, irrespective of the Right or Left panel matched to the shutter finish, the panels, Bottom and Rail panels also mark as Minifix in the report in the Factory_Check Column.

Ok so yes you can run the IF function without the EXACT function:

Factory_Check=IF(parent!Finish_Shutter_Outside=parent!Finish_CarcassOutside, CONCATENATE(parent!Factory_Check," Set "), 0)

You can also use nested IF functions instead of the OR function:

=IF(parent!Exposed_Side =“Right”,“Minifix Set”,IF(parent!Exposed_Side =“Left”,“Minifix Set”,0))

I think the reporting issue might be due to the way you have managed the material names, and exposing attributes with formulas in the component options window is a bad idea, easy to accidentally erase the formula. I would consider drastically simplifying this model, making every face a component makes it very complex, and the more complex it gets the harder it usually is to make it work properly… if it is a single piece of wood in the real world it should be a single component in Sketchup. You could create custom attributes at the parent level to calculate any extra info you need for the report. Hope it helps…cabinet REV.skp (1.0 MB)

Ok. Thanks for the suggestion. Will do…


Is it possible to achieve the report as per the earlier skp file by creating a single piece of wood panel as mentioned above?

Yes you should be able to get there, you may need a second one just for the shutter, as it is a different material than the rest of the cabinet.

Try this video, the person giving the talk works in cabinetry.

ok. Will check out. Thanks