Community Manager?

Can’t this account be assigned to whomever has taken this role?

My wild guess is that there isn’t anyone who has taken this role yet. But I suppose it would be handed over once new Community Manager is assigned.

It would be nice to have a new Community Manager, as it makes it look like the forums and the feedback threads on the EW and 3DW are not being maintained.

I have reported many posts in the EW and 3DW and none have been “worked” / “fixed”.

On the forums, this weekend we had another obvious troll that needed to be terminated, but instead we have people (staff and sages) feeding the little monster.

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Put yourself in Trimble’s position.
The amount of $$ they would spend to properly manage the cited forums is much larger vs. present as most answers are presently paid by …?

NO. My viewpoint and opinion is as a user. If I were to be expounding the software owner’s viewpoint, then I should be on the paid staff. (They have PR people who get paid to publish the company viewpoint.) … So, it’s not my job.

FYI, Jody is in charge of all this online community content and Tommy works under him in that department, … either of which could masquerade as the CM if they logged into that account.

There are solutions, like how Discourse works. The coder who owns the EW product page could have admin privileges to cleanup non-feedback posts (perhaps with approval of another sage, etc.)
Same for 3DW feedback posts, the model owner could have privileges to delete spam posts etc., as long as some other sage or staff etc. agrees.

I did really bad on making my point. Was guessing T’s possible view point. For them to change they will have to see a substanial reason to do so. They must be happy with the status quo.
A person who is in charge must be able to make changes or they are not really in-charge.