Community 'label'?

Hi All,
I haven’t been here too often but I see I have a ‘cerise’(?) coloured disc with W inside at top right. Hovering over it shows ‘Was’. Can you please let me know what this is?

That’s your Avatar or Profile Picture as it’s called in preferences.
Click on it and it will give you other options.
It makes it easy to identify your posts in the threads.
You can customise it by clicking it, then click Was, then Preferences and Profile Picture.

Thanks. I guessed avatar but didn’t dig deep enough to find editing point - sorry. So I changed avatar picture (!) but could not change ‘Was’. So let it be - at a healthy 75 I am nearly a ‘was’ if Covid 19 doesn’t get me.

Was is the forum name you must have given yourself.

I accept that is what must have happened but surprised I couldn’t have chosen something better. But as I said - no prob. Thanks Box. Back to design work - unpaid for family of course.

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