Combining multiple 3d objects from different programs into do I do it?


I am a fine artist/illustrator. I use sketchup as one of many resource tools. I use DAZ studio for referencing figures, sometimes create characters in Sculptris, and make architectural backgrounds in Google sketchup. All of my creations are actually resources that I draw from at a later time. What I am wondering is if there is some way to combine elements from all of my resource programs into Sketchup?

For example: I am currently working on creating a large scale drawing of a war scene. I have re-created the Alamo using Google sketchup, as well as creating and posing different figures fighting in the scene with both DAZ studio and Sculptris. Is there a way that I can import my figures from DAZ and Sculptris into the scene with the Alamo in the background, so that I can “digitally” position them, pose them, light them, and then pan around the scene to decide what’s the best point of view for my drawing?

All 3 programs are great, but I would like to be able to bring them all together. Seems like they ought to be able to be brought together, at least in some format. They are all 3d meshes, right?

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Find the export formats that SketchUp can import and see where you get.

Daz3D is supposed to have these options:

SketchUp Pro 2015 can import:

I don’t know about Sculptris but since you have the program it’s easy for you to compare export <> import capabilities with SketchUp.

I would say give it a try to find out.

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You definitely cannot pose (edit their attributes) DAZ models if you import them into SketchUp. Also, the figures are very high-polygon, placing even one DAZ/Poser 3D human in a SketchUp model will make SketchUp perform very slowly, let alone a whole army of them. Your other option might be to import your SketchUp landscape as an object into one of the other applications, in a format supported by them.


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