Colors does not appear correctly in the sections

I am facing the following problem in sections.
I have chosen for the inner side of an object a striped color so that in the section it appears as shown in the images below. In some places that I have marked you will see that it not displays the correct color, but the color’s of the object below.
Example 01

Example 02

I have checked several times that the bottom surface of the object is above the bottom object.

Any idea why this is happening?

Attached you can find the file.
2024.01.26_PHPP_design_problem.skp (818.9 KB)

Thank you in advance!

This is due to Z-fighting.
In ‘Plan View’ of that detail (see my two images) I can get two different results depending on where I start from. (camera, zoom, etc.) There is no direct controle over the outcome, which texture will end up being displayed.
You’ll need to find some way to avoid this from happening, (objects with different layers that are turned on/off at the right time??).