Color 'disappears' when i save a component to a local collection

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I downloaded a component of a redwood fence from warehouse.
it consists of nested components/groups all painted with ‘redwood’ texture
I use ‘save as’ to create local collection of of the different type of boards as individual components (.skp files)

PROBLEM: when i create a new model and try to use these components, they have lost the color/texture attributes .

Hi mvmcali,

The problem stems from saving a component instance that was painted from the outside.

Applying material to a component while outside its editing context only changes that particular instance of the component.
It does not change the component definition in the model file.
And when you Save As, you’re saving the component definition in the model file.

The solution is to repaint the component from the outside with the Default material.
Then open the component for editing and paint the faces while within the editing context.
Then Save As (same name/in same directory) to update the file in your collection.


thanks George
im not sure what you refer to changning a component from ‘outside’ its editing context. I thought you can ONLY change/edit a component from ‘inside’??? … if by ‘inside’ we mean click it such that we see the editing dotted line surrounding the component.

The “edit” part of what you’re thinking is correct.

However, you can apply materials to a component instance from the outside.
And you can scale a component instance from the outside.

Neither operation edits the component definition.
Save As saves the definition, not whatever you may have done to an instance from the outside.

In the example below the red and green instances were painted from the outside.
The elongated instance was scaled from the outside.
The selected component is an unaltered instance brought from the In Model Components Browser.


Thanks George -
i see that applying color and scale from the ‘outside’ doesnt create a ‘unique’ component.
in General , do you only want to edit the component definition to change the ‘structure’ of the item and leave the ‘window dressing’ for later when you instanciate each instance?
are there any other important characteristics of components that are outside the component definition?