Color Change With Animation Video Export

When I export a video, olive green color changes.

Ist image original color from Sketchup.

2nd image from mp4 export

3rd image from avi export.

Any ideas on color change?


Does anyone have an idea why this is happening?

What is the color depth in the exports?

each format has it’s own ‘color space’ which you can convert using ffmpeg if you need them to match…


How can I check? is this an option when creating export?

All my windows setting a 32 bit true color

As far as I’m aware, there’s no setting for this in the export options. I expect you’d need to do as John suggests which would be done in an editor.



I get what you are saying. Can the ‘color space’ be set prior to export?

if color is critical, then many things come into play…

have you calibrated your monitor…

is your SU ‘original color’ an image export or a screen grab, what format is lt’s file…

what players have you tried as each will be different…

how will it eventually be viewed…

there are soooo many variables…


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