Color by group extension?

Hi all. Tutorials up has an interesting vid of ‘Color by group extension’. The link is broken & I cant find on S.U or Sketchucation warehouse. Does anyone have this or know if it is still available? It seems perfect for coloring models with random colors before importing to rendering. Thanks.

You can use colour by tag as long as you organise the tags (I still call them layers in my mind).
Here is an example of a door latch made up of components separately tagged before and after using the colour by tags command. Also if you watch Eric from SU live streams from the last few Fridays you will see how he uses it in the rendering process.



Eric’s Star Wars and Lighthouse/island render videos.

Thanks for that. I have tried colour by tag but couldn’t get it to import into render program. I’m sure that’s an error with me so will look into attached in depth. Thanks again